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Our Film Scanning Process

Family History First 

The biggest difference between Roots Family History and every other company that can scan your film is that we are a Family History Company and not a Scanning Company. This means that we are invested in helping you discover your family history. Our process of scanning film incorporates organizational skills and the highest quality standards to ensure that your memories are crystal clear and easily accessible.

Capturing Every Frame

When scanning home movies we are usually dealing with film that was shot by amateur videographers and often times the focus or exposure may not be quite right. We make sure that we compensate for these factors as best we can when scanning the film. This means we take extra time with each roll to find what the optimum exposure is. Many film scanning methods can unintentionally crop the frame of the film which means that you get back a video that isn’t showing the full imagery. Our process eliminates that problem so you always see the full picture in high resolution. 

Organizing Memories

In the digital age we all know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with digital clutter. Unorganized files take up space and become more trouble than they are worth. We carefully follow each reel from pickup to drop off and make sure that any information that is attached to that reel will be attached to the file that we hand back to you. We create a new file for every film reel so your digital organization can match the organization of your film. 

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