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“We sincerely believe art is one of the most precious pieces of our collective history…”


It’s the reason we’ve spent thousands of hours of research and development on our art reproduction process. We’ve built a program with the specific intent to afford anybody the opportunity to archive and preserve their art collection, forever.

We Treat Your Art Like Gold

Our mission is to create a digital replica of your portfolio, maintaining the original intent and integrity of your pieces. It’s no different than our Boise famous photo scanning service. Simply put, we know scanning and it shows.

Color Match
Print Ready
Web Ready

How it Works

While our process is very involved, all you have to do is drop off your art and pick it up again after we call you. You’ll leave with your originals AND a disc or thumb drive loaded with your art. Your art is backed up in our HERITAGE ARCHIVE™ just in case you need an art reproduction print made or you lose your own backup.

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Standard Art Scanning Price List

Standard art scanning is for artists who need to make high quality digital replicas of their art. Included in this service is a standard color match, a 30 – 50 MB file, and a web ready file. This is a great option for digitally preserving an entire portfolio for archival purposes.

Original Dimensions

Standard Art Scan

up to 18 x 24 $10.00
up to 24 x 36 $20.00
up to 36 x 48 $30.00
up to 48 x 80 $40.00

Reproduction Art Scanning Price List

Reproduction art scanning is for artists who intend to reprint their art at it’s original size for full reproduction. Even if your art is a whopping 40″ x 80″, we’ll produce a file large enough to reprint at full size in amazing clarity.  A digital copy of your art is kept in our Heritage Archive™ in case you need it to make copies or backups at some future date.

Original Dimensions

Reproduction Art Scan

up to 8 x 10 $25
up to 18 x 24 $40
up to 24 x 36 $50
up to 30 x 40 $75
up to 36 x 48 $100
up to 40×60 $125
over 40×60 Call for Quote

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