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Roots Family History™ is guided by a passionate pursuit to archive and preserve our collective history. From our hand crafted prints and archival grade film scanning to our video and audio tape preservation services, we eat, sleep, and dream your family history.

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We’ve saved over a million memories

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This is what family history looks like.

Tapes & Reels

Roots Family History
  • Video Tape Digitization
    • VHS to DVD or USB
    • SVHS to DVD or USB
    • VHS-C to DVD or USB
    • MiniDV to DVD or USB
    • 8mm Tapes to DVD or USB
    • Hi8 Tapes to DVD or USB
    • Camcorder Tapes to DVD or USB
  • Audio Digitization
    • Audio Cassette Tape to CD or MP3
    • Reel to Reel Audio to CD or MP3
    • Vinyl Records to CD or MP3
  • Film Reel Digitization
    • 8mm Film to DVD or USB
    • Super 8mm Film to DVD or USB
    • 16mm Film to DVD or USB
    • Super 16mm Film to DVD or USB
    • 16mm Film with Audio to DVD or USB





our history is kept on a combination of fragile video tapes, film reels, photographs, negatives, scrapbooks, journals, and art. We aim to archive and preserve as much of it as possible. welcome to the Family History revolution.

Imagine 200 years of Family History

All on one little thumb drive.  Every journal, every video tape, every photo, every story. It’s what Roots Family History™ does.

The Four Pillars of Family History


  • Surname Etimology
  • Traditional Genealogy
  • Ethnicity DNA Testing
  • Biological Genealogy


  • Video Tape Preservation
  • Film Reel Scanning
  • Slides and Negatives Digitization
  • Photo Scanning
  • Audio Cassette Dubbing
  • Vinyl Record Digitization


  • Photo Restoration
  • Color Correction
  • Print Reproductions


  • Archival Prints
  • Archival Frames
  • Pigmented Canvas Wraps
  • Museum Grade Shadow Boxes

Save it on DVD or a Thumb Drive

We can digitally preserve pretty much any type of media. When our work is done, you’ll have all your film reels, video tapes, slides, negatives, photos, journals, documents, and artwork saved on a DVD or thumb drive. It’s something every family should do.

Deliver it all at once, or a la carte. Either way, we’ll begin the process of digitally preserving your family keepsakes.

I was referred to Roots Family History by a photographer friend who has published several magazine covers and won photographic competitions with photographs that have been prepared and printed by Roots Family History.
The quality of the large photographs Craig produced for us are spectacular, especially considering the condition of some of the original photographs.

Richard Bennett

Phenomenal experience! I didn't want to leave the store as I was in awe with the work they did for me. The prints they made of my grandmother's artwork (an oil painting and a pencil drawing) were as superb as the original at the time she did them. I would definitely go back for other services they offer as well as recommending them highly.

Robert Tracy

After searching the valley for a vendor that was able to transfer videos from an iPhone to a DVD..I found Roots. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Roots addressed my concerns in a prompt manner and was able to deliver A++ service.

Christina Sanchez-Bynam

Excellent customer service. The quality of the end product and turn around time is fantastic. I have had them take many pieces of old media like 16 mm film, 35 mm slides, 3/4' tapes and put them or digitize them into usable formats! (.jpg, .TIFF, .AVI, .MP4, .WMV) with really good quality on the output. I have yet to find anything these guys can't do. So happy to have found these guys!

Susan CurdBLM

I came across some 127 color film negatives from 1962 that I needed developed into .jpgs. These negatives were extremely important to my father, so I did not want to mail them to a far away company. I dropped the negatives off on Wed. and picked up the .jpgs on a thumb drive the following Monday. The quality of the photos was as if they were taken now, not 54 years ago.

Jean Marion

I brought in my cameras to have pictures of special events put on DVD's. I was so impressed with all of the possibilities! The service was friendly and professional. It is truly amazing what they can do!

Diana Kerns

What a great business! I brought them a sack of 30 year old VHS tapes of our kids growing up. They were so kind, informational and helpful in getting us our life stories onto a thumb drive that will be saved forever. It was fast and economical. The videos are labeled and easy and fun to watch on our lap top and TV. I would highly recommend Roots Family History to all of my friends and family!

Diana and Rob Cascade, Idaho

I have been going to these guys for several different photo projects for quite a while and they have always done a wonderful job at a fair price. I've never been disappointed. They are also friendly and helpful.

Cathy Hall

Thomas and his team have been looking after many of my design and printing needs for a long time for my work in the media and film industry. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Jane MerrowGolden Globe Nominated Actress

Drop in, call, or email.

Roots Family History™ exists for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why Brooklyn, New York makes so much sense for Roots Family History’s Second Shop.

Because it is over 350 years old! Brooklyn actually pre-dates 16mm film and 8mm film. We are fascinated just thinking about the stories that we will inevitably uncover about New York’s history while we work to convert 8mm film to DVD in Brooklyn. If we are to stay true to our mission statement and archive and preserve the world’s collective history, there is no better place for us to begin than Brooklyn, New York.

Roots Family History™ Services Glossary

*All of the services listed are available in our Boise shop while our Williamsburg shop only offers our boutique film services.

8mm Film Scanning [Boise & Williamsburg]

The process of digitally capturing 8mm film using intelligent software and hardware. Once scanned, 8mm film can be saved to DVDs, Bluray Discs, external hard drives, or thumb drives. Available in our Boise shop and our Brooklyn, New York shop.

It would be wise to note that 8mm film can be scanned using a variety of techniques. Investing in film scanning is like investing in the stock market, you really do need to educate yourself before you take the plunge. Unfortunately, we meet great customers everyday who entrusted their film collection to a big box store like Costco or Walmart only to find out later that their precious film had been shipped to India for cheap processing and sub-par results.

8mm Film to DVD [Boise & Williamsburg]

The process of converting reels of 8mm film to high quality DVDs for playback on a standard television set or PC/Mac. Our 8mm film to DVD service comes standard with a DVD set, custom labeled to identify which reels of film it contains. Available in both our Boise and our Brooklyn shops.

Making the switch from a reel of 8mm movie film to a high quality DVD is not a straight forward process. To perform the transfer properly, a company must invest in high end equipment capable of capturing each and every frame of film in high definition. Roots Family History performs film transfers using the Retro Scan Universal scanner by MovieStuff. Here are our top ten reasons for working with this USA built unit:

1. It captures film reels as image sequences, eliminating frame rate and flicker problems.
2. It illuminates the film using LED technology so we don’t worry about heat during our transfer process.
3. The film path guides the film by the edge only, creating the most gentle transfer process on the market
4. The spring-channel design makes lateral drift a thing of the past by aligning film against factory edge
5. There are no advance claws on the Retro Scan Universal.
6. There are no sprockets.
7. There are no pinch rollers. Again, the name of the game is gentle.
8. The Retro Scan Universal can capture uncompressed film at a rate of 10 frames per second.
9. The camera is a Chameleon made by Point Grey, need we say more?
10. It can capture and convert optical tracks from 16mm film, meaning we can keep the sound.

8mm Film to Digital [Boise & Williamsburg]

This service is identical to 8mm film scanning. Some people refer to it as ‘film to digital’, in the end it means the same thing. Roots Family History™ only scans in high definition using the Retro Scan™ Universal by MovieStuff. See examples here.

16mm Film Scanning [Boise & Williamsburg]

This is the process of digitally capturing frames of 16mm film with the intention of archiving and preserving it. Typically, customers choose to have their scanned film saved on DVD, Bluray, or thumb drives. Available in our Brooklyn, New York and Boise, Idaho shops.

16mm Film to DVD [Boise & Williamsburg]

This refers specifically to the transfer of 16mm film to a standard DVD for playback on a standard television. DVDs of 16mm film can be easily copied and distributed to family members. This service is available in both our Boise, Idaho and Brooklyn, New York shops.

16mm Film to Digital [Boise & Williamsburg]

This is just another way to say ’16mm film scanning’. Roots Family History™ performs digitization of 16mm film using today’s latest tech and cutting edge frame by frame image capturing sensors. Once digital, 16mm film can be stored on a thumb drive, external hard drive, DVDs, or Bluray discs. Available at our Boise and Brooklyn shops.