100% Archival Giclée Prints

Museum quality prints, frames, and canvases hand crafted to last over 100 years. Built for families, artists, and businesses.

The Heritage Canvas Wrap

Thick canvas, pigmented inks, stretched to perfection. Ready for pickup in about a week.


Boise Canvas Wraps by Roots Family History

Printed and stretched at our local shop. Ready to take home in about a week.

*We can print odd sizes. Actually, it’s kind of an obsession of ours.

NOTE: If you need a canvas made from a photo, slide, negative, or piece of film be sure to read about our photo scanning options.

Canvas Gallery Wraps | Price List

Fine canvas, perfectly stretched.

Size Depth





8×10 $47 $49 $57 $60
8×12 $52 $54 $63 $66
11×14 $66 $69 $80 $85
16×20 $95 $99 $114 $121
16×24 $105 $110 $127 $135
20×24 $119 $125 $144 $153
20×30 $138 $145 $167 $177
24×30 $159 $167 $193 $204
24×36 $180 $189 $218 $231
30×40 $223 $234 $270 $286
36×48 $287 $302 $348 $369
40×60 $380 $399 $459 $487

Giclée Custom Prints | Photographic

Archival inks on thick E-satin lustre or metallic photographic paper custom edited for color, exposure, and contrast.

Available in 4 archival finishes

Every print is hand corrected for exposure, color, and contrast.

*We can print odd sizes. Actually, it’s kind of an obsession of ours.

Custom Photo Prints | Price List

Photographic prints, color perfection.


e-satin lustre


fine art cold press

fine art hot press

8×10 $10.00 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50
12×16 $24.00 $30.00 $30.00 $30.00
14×14 $24.50 $30.63 $30.63 $30.63
16×20 $40.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00
18×24 $52.92 $66.15 $66.15 $66.15
16×32 $61.87 $77.33 $77.33 $77.33
20×30 $69.00 $86.25 $86.25 $86.25
16×48 $86.40 $108.00 $108.00 $108.00
24×32 $86.40 $108.00 $108.00 $108.00
30×30 $88.00 $110.00 $110.00 $110.00
30×40 $110.00 $137.50 $137.50 $137.50
40×60 $200.00 $250.00 $250.00 $250.00

Giclée Fine Art Prints

One of our most popular prints. We produce our fine art prints on 100% cotton rag artisan paper. The Epson Cold Press Natural  carries 305 grams of weight in a single square meter and is 19 mils thick. Yet another reason artists everywhere choose to preserve and reproduce their art with Roots Family History.

Price includes color correction and test strips.

Fine art reproductions can be ordered ‘as is‘ or mounted and framed.

*Available in both cold and hot press.

Art Reproduction Scanning

Fine Art Prints | Price List

For professional art reproduction and preservation.

*Art scanning sold separately.


fine art cold press

fine art hot press

4×6 $7.50 $7.50
5×7 $8.12 $8.12
8×10 $12.50 $12.50
11×14 $24.06 $24.06
12×16 $30.00 $30.00
14×14 $30.63 $30.63
16×20 $50.00 $50.00
18×24 $66.15 $66.15
16×32 $77.33 $77.33
20×30 $86.25 $86.25
16×48 $108.00 $108.00
24×32 $108.00 $108.00
30×30 $110.00 $110.00
30×40 $137.50 $137.50
40×60 $250.00 $250.00

The Heritage Custom Frame

Hand crafted archival frames built to last over 100 years.

Available in over 1,000 finish combinations with a wide variety of moldings, mattes, and glass finishes available.

Every frame is rated 100% archival and is built to protect your originals for over 100 years.

*Most frame orders are completed within 7 – 10 business days.

See samples and get more info on our Custom Frames page.

The highest rated print and frame shop in Idaho.

Read our reviews on Google.

What makes a Roots Family History™ frame so special?

  • Craig Collett builds every single frame by hand with unprecedented skill and unwavering attention to detail. Something he’s been doing for over 15 years now.
  • Each frame is designed from scratch. Both the molding and the mattes are carefully chosen to accent every photograph perfectly.
  • Each matte is precision cut on our Valiani mat pro CMC to achieve accuracy to within a millimeter.
  • Every Heritage frame by Roots Family History™ is rated 100% archival. The glass, the molding, the matte, and the glue.
  • Because we build our frames from scratch, we can accommodate photographs and art of any size. We are not constrained to standard dimensions.

When the Print Matters

Every day, historically significant events are captured with cameras. As part of our mission to archive and preserve the past, we are compelled to produce the world’s finest and longest lasting prints. Family’s all over Boise have benefited from our 40+ years experience to take home luxurious photographic prints and canvases that will undoubtedly garnish the walls of their homes for decades to come.

Roots Family History is more than a print shop. It’s a movement. It stands for creating products that will outlast the people who purchased them. That’s why we put so much effort into acquiring the best papers, canvases, inks, and printers.

While we work to build a beautiful web page full of examples and prices, review this list of print products available at our Boise shop:

  • Enlargements
  • Lustre prints from 1″x 1″ to 44″ x 125″
  • Enhanced Matt prints from 1″x 1″ to 44″ x 125″
  • Canvas gallery wraps up to 40″ x 96″
  • Fine Art prints
  • Reproductions
  • Photo Restorations


The art of producing a print from existing prints, film, negatives, and slides. An art we’ve mastered.

Reprints from prints – We produce new archival grade prints from existing prints. The finished product looks as good if not better than the original. Choose to reduce or enlarge any original print. Our reprint service is available in our Boise, ID print shop.

Reprints from film – We hand craft custom prints from existing film. We make prints from 110m film, 120mm film, 126 and 127mm film, medium format film, and large format film. Our process begins with a reproduction quality scan and ends with a custom giclee print. All Roots Family History™ prints are archival grade and rated to last over 100 years.

Reprints from negatives – One of the most common Roots Family History™ services is producing museum grade prints from aging negatives. Our reproduction scanning service gives your negatives the special attention they deserve and prepares them for our archival grade print process. Available in our Boise print shop.

Reprints from slides – We have scanned over one million 35mm slides! Creating prints (print reductions and print enlargements) from slides is another bread and butter service of Roots Family History™. Our 40 year history working with film, negatives, and slides uniquely qualifies us to produce the highest quality prints from slides in the world. Enlargements from slides available in our Boise Idaho print shop.

Reprints from art – Artists all over Idaho trust Roots Family History™ to produce reproduction grade prints from existing art. We reproduce paintings, sketches, water colors, and more. Our prints are crafted using 100% cotton fine art paper in either cold or hot press. Sizes extend up to 44″ x 100′ for a single piece.


The art of producing a larger version of an existing photograph. An art we’ve mastered.

Enlargements of loose photographs – We can make virtually any print larger. This due largely to our reproduction grade scanning service which allows us to extract the details out of any photograph at an extremely high level. Loose photographs are dusted, scanned, edited for contrast and exposure, and reprinted at a larger size. Enlargements are available at our Boise Idaho print shop.

Enlargements of framed photographs – This service differs from our loose photo enlargement service by dealing with the adverse effects caused by old frames and glass exposed to years of sunlight. Our reproduction scans come standard with digital editing that repairs problems relating to exposure and contrast. Choose from our lustre e-satin or metallic photographic papers. Enlargements of framed photos is available at our Boise print shop.

Enlargements of slides – Slides natively carry enough detail to produce large prints. Our reproduction scanning service captures 4,000 pixels for every one inch of film and gives us the resolution necessary to hand craft museum quality enlargements on either e-satin lustre photographic paper or metallic photographic paper. Enlargements from slides is available at our print shop in Boise, Idaho.

Enlargements of negatives – our mission to archive and preserve human history is intrinsically tied to preserving the world’s collection of negatives. We can resurrect the image from any negative and enlarge it to your unique specifications. Negatives, like slides and film, are scanned at a level that captures 4,000 pixels for every one inch of physical negative. Enlargements can be produced on either our e-satin lustre or metallic photographic paper. Available in our Boise print shop.

Enlargements of film – We speak film . . . and we enlarge it. Since George Eastman’s first camera, the Kodak, became available in 1888, families everywhere have been capturing moments in time. We exist to archive and preserve those moments both digitally and in print. That’s why we craft our prints using 100% archival grade inks and papers. Film enlargements are available at our Boise, ID print shop.

Enlargements of art – We can turn an 8″x10″ piece into at 16″x20″ or larger piece while maintaining the color and textural integrity of the original. Our archival systems allow us to work with three dimensional pieces as well as paintings and sketches. Art enlargements are available at our Boise print shop.