Save Your Video Tapes

You'll love watching your old tapes with your new DVDs and thumb drive.


VHS to DVD or thumb drive
VHS-C to DVD or thumb drive
SVHS to DVD or thumb drive
Hi8 to DVD or thumb drive
8mm to DVD or thumb drive
Digital 8 (D8) to DVD or thumb drive
MiniDV to DVD or thumb drive
Camcorder tapes to DVD or thumb drive
Handycam to DVD or thumb drive


Video tapes won’t last forever. In fact, most estimates say they’ll survive just 20 years before degrading. Digitally preserving them and placing them on DVDs or thumb drives is the only way to stop the degradation process. If you want to preserve your tapes, you’ll have to convert them to a digital format. That’s what Roots Family History™ does.


  1. Drop off your video tapes to 1901 Wildwood Street Mon-Fri between 9am and 5:30pm
  2. Roots Family History™ captures the footage from your tapes from the beginning of each tape to the end
  3. Your footage is placed on either a thumb drive or a DVD (chosen by you)
  4. You are notified with an email and a phone call and you come pick up your new videos.

Pricing built for families

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video tapes standard rates bulk rates
video tape to dvd $17.50 per tape 20+: $14.50
video tape to mp4 file $14.50 per tape 20+: $11.50
video tape to mp4 + dvd $18.50 per tape 20+: $15.50
custom editing $11.25 per 15 minutes
Extra DVD copies $6 20+: $4.50