Bulk Archival and Preservation Services for Newspapers, Periodicals, and/or Journals.

Our passion for preserving human history drives our newspaper scanning service. We believe that the articles, photos, and advertisements printed in the millions of published newspapers from centuries past represent a vital and enormous portion of the human story. We aide organizations large and small by providing high definition scans of newspapers.

Optical Character Recognition customized for News Print

A newspaper scan without proper character recognition is borderline useless. We believe that the true value of newspaper digitization is that it becomes a searchable document. Special optics combined with the CCIT Group 4 compression create a digital file perfectly prepared for Adobe’s advanced OCR software. Our files integrate perfectly into any corporate or government database to create a searchable index. Digital newspaper can be searched by date or subject with a 90% – 99% accuracy.

Scanning Every Letter and Comma.

Resolution is paramount in capturing every detail of a newspaper. In order for OCR software to perform its job, we have to create a file that allows deep zooming and panning. A raw Roots Family History scan creates a 20 – 30 megabyte file. That file contains enough raw data to extract the text on a letter by letter basis. Because we correct every page for color balance before performing compression and OCR, we achieve a beautiful black on white canvas with increased legibility as compared to machine scanning companies.