Help Us Give Cash to an Arts Instructor

Every month of May we digitally preserve Boiseans art for a $5 donation (Any other day of the year that’s between a $10 and $40 service). The $5 donations go into a large pot and 100% of the cash funds a grant through the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

All of the grant money is awarded to a Boise art instructor through the Idaho Commision on the Arts. Instructors in any artistic discipline can apply for the grant online.

Presented by Roots Family History™ on Behalf of Idaho Commission on the Arts

Great for Artists

Thirty Days For Art is an amazing opportunity for artists to start digitally archiving and preserving their art. Similar to photos, documents, and video tapes, art should be digitally preserved to prevent it’s eventual loss. Roots Family History™ has built a cutting edge process to create digital replicas of art for archival purposes. These digital art files work great for websites, social media, and college applications.

Great for Instructors

Thirty Days For Art is not only great for instructors because of a cash grant, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to teach students about the value of digital preservation. We strongly believe that art is as historically significant as the world’s collection of photographs, documents, and video footage. We hope instructors will convey that message to their students. We hope to be some small part of a global effort to archive and preserve world history.

PS… Somebody will take home $250 cash.

That’s right, it’s a contest and it’s on like Donkey Kong!

One piece of art from every artist who participates in ’30 Days For Art’ will be entered in the Roots Family History Art Contest. Artists can choose not to enter the contest if they’d prefer to keep their art private.

To enter, simply register for ’30 Days for Art’ and donate $5 at the door. Then, show up at our shop during the month of may with up to 3 pieces of art. You will have to choose just one piece for the contest. We will scan your art on our high resolution Heritage Scanner™.  Remember, your $5 donation goes straight into a grant through the Idaho Commission on the Arts and is awarded to an instructor in Boise. Needless to say, this is a great cause!

Seven days after the event ends. All art will be available to the public for voting on our website. The art that receives the most ‘love’ wins. We’ve decided to use social love rather than a traditional voting system as it does a wonderful job of making sure the votes come from real people, and that each person only votes one time. The public will be allowed to vote by sharing your art on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Don’t worry, we’ve made the process extremely easy.



*only the first 250 to register will be admitted. Don’t worry, this form will be removed once all spots are reserved.

Questions & Answers

What is art scanning?

Art scanning is the process of creating a digital copy of physical art. The digital copy is stored as a large (30 – 50mb) file and a web resolution file making it easy for artists to display and archive their work without it degrading. 

How big of a piece can I bring in during ’30 Days For Art™’?

The $5 grant donation gets allows you to bring in art up to 24″ x 36″!

How many pieces of art can I bring in to have scanned for this event?

Up to 3 pieces of art per artist may be scanned.

Does my art need to be flat?

No, because Roots Family History™ does not ‘feed’ your art though any sort of large format document scanner, we are able to scan all art, including 3-dimensional pieces.

How do I get my files?

You can either:

  • Bring in your own thumb drive from home
  • Purchase a thumb drive at our store ($12.99)
  • Purchase a disc at our store ($6)

NOTE: Unless otherwise requested, your art will be stored offline in our secure Heritage Archive™. We keep this archive so that you have a backup (other than your own) of your files should you need to receive another copy or make a quick print with us.

Do I have to register in order to participate?

Yes, we are only allowing up to 250 artists  into the event as our capacity is limited. Registration will help us keep tabs on who is coming and when. 

How do I donate the 5 bucks?

Donations will be accepted at the door and must be made with cash. We don’t want to give a portion of each donation to the credit card companies. Let’s maximize the amount of cash we can give to the art instructor!

Where is the art scanning performed?

At our shop at 1901 Wildwood Street, Boise ID, 83713. 

When are acceptable times to drop off art?

Any business day during the month of May within our normal store hours: Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm.

Can you shamelessly plug a local art supply shop?

Sure, we love Quality Art, Inc

THE  trusted provider for true archival and preservation services.

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